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Specialists for Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Diabetology and Hepatology

About us

According to the motto “the person in the center”, our entire team always strives to provide respectful care for our patients. This begins with the appointment with our back office staff, continues with the administration at the reception and is further reflected in the medical care provided by our qualified doctors. It goes without saying that our office is equipped with the most modern medical devices in order to be able to make precise diagnoses.

Due to our location in the entrance area of the Floridsdorf Clinic, we can work closely with the various departments of the hospital if necessary.

Internist Nord Team

Our Medical Team

In order to be able to cover the entire breadth of internal medicine, our team of physicians consists of internists with specialization in the various subspecialties of internal medicine. For example, in our group-practice a patient with cardiac arrhythmia can be cared for by a cardiologist, the patient with inflammatory bowel disease by a gastroenterologist, or the patient with gestational diabetes by a diabetologist. Of course, all physicians are nevertheless also proficient in the entire field of internal medicine, so that professional care is always guaranteed.

Continuous training in all areas of our work is a matter of course for our team of doctors, so that we can always keep our finger on the pulse of medical progress.

But also due to our many years of experience in various responsible positions in the hospital, we can guarantee that our patients are cared for in accordance with the latest state of science. In doing so, our focus is not only on providing professionally competent care, but also on treating our patients with respect.

Frau Dr. Bonny Syeda

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Bonni Syeda

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Herr Dr. Gregor

Dr. med. univ.
David Gregor

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Frau Dr. Kowatitsch

Dr. med. univ.
Martina Kowatschitsch

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Dr. med. univ.
Ahmed Al Bahloul

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Fr. Dr. Sopira

Dr. med. univ.
Martina Sopira

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Dr. Pakzad

Dr. med. univ. Pakzad

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Frau Dr. Promintzer

Dr. med. univ.
Miriam Promintzer

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Core Areas of our Group-Practice

  • Preventive Screening – Instructions on preventing cardiac and vascular diseases and related complications
  • Operation-Clearance
  • Cardiac Screening – diagnostic examinations and treatment, eliminating cardiovascular diseases e.g.
    • Coronary diseases (chest pain, angina pectoris, heart attacks)
    • Heart failure (shortness of breath, leg swelling)
    • Valvular defects (shortness of breath, leg swelling)
  • Follow-up care for patients with heart attacks and stents
  • Gastrointestinal-Check, diagnostik and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. The diagnostic is performed by gastroscopy or colonoscopy.
  • Preventive Colonoscopy, for colon cancer prevention
  • Abdomen check (liver, pancreas, kidneys, gallbladder), diagnosis made by sonography and blood examination
  • Thyroid check, diagnosis made by sonography and blood examination
  • Blood vessel check, diagnostic examinations and treatment, exclusion of vascular diseases
  • Blood pressure check, diagnostic examination and treatment as required
  • Cholesterol check, diagnostic examination and treatment as required
  • Diabetes check, diagnostic examination and treatment as required
  • Mother-and-Child Pass examination
  • Driving Licence medical check-up (extra charges may apply)
  • All other doctor’s notes (extra charges may apply)

Our Office

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More Information

In our spacious and barrier-free group-practice for Internal Medicine in Vienna, the focus is on optimal medical care of our patients! The office features modern equipment and a simple design. High-end medical devices round  off the entire range of services and help our doctors to make precise diagnoses.

We look forward to welcoming you in our office!