New Services at our group-practice: gastroscopy, colonoscopy and diabetes-consultation-hour!

Despite the current events, our office-hours remain unchanged! Current Information

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Syeda & Lackner & Gregor & Kowatschitsch
Specialists for Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Office: Medical Centre Krankenhaus Nord
1210 Vienna, Brünner Strasse 70/2/401
Tel.: +43 1 270 04 73-0 | Fax: +43 1 270 04 73-20
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Pre-order of prescriptions

In order to avoid long waiting times, you can pre-order the prescriptions required and pick up on the following working day after 2 pm:

  • By mail: Please mail the medications required, first name and last name of the patient together with the insurance number to
  • Form: please fill in the form below regarding the medications required

Of course you can also pick up your prescriptions without pre-ordering. However, this may cause some waiting time.

We want to inform you that pre-ordering is only possible for medications which we already have prescribed before. Prescription of medication not prescribed yet is only possible after consultation with a doctor.

Please always bring your E-card with you!



Medical Centre Krankenhaus Nord
Brünner Straße 70/2/401
1210 Vienna

Tel: +43 1 270 04 73-0
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